A video mixing system becomes controllable in the shape of a stove-like interface. The contents of four video sources can be controlled by stirring with spoons in four different vessels. A clockwise or counter-clockwise circling motion allows the films to be played forward or backward. The distance from the center of the interface determines the intensity of the picture: the movie remains invisible when the spoon is at the center point and can be intensified by moving the spoon toward the outside edges. The cooking spoon control tool is a loose, mobile utensil that goes into action only when it touches a part of the setting and can produce effects. Position, movement and distance from the interface surface are the determining factors. Feedback comes back instantly to the user, facilitating a fast self-learning mechanism.
This interface project deals with metaphor in interactions between humans and machines and examines the concept of metaphor by connecting various interdepentent analogies of everyday life. The stove/vessel/spoon setting forms a consistent entity just as e.g. in the desktop metaphor folders and files form a consistent complex. Video mixing itself, i.e. mixing various ingredients to create something new which still visibly contains the existing raw material, allows the comparison with cooking, the action, and the result — a meal.

exhibited: Universität für Angewandte Kunst, B/Volution-Kuz Mattersburg, B/Volution-Kuz Güssing, Klangfrühling Burg Schlaining